30 May 2014

Branding: The Strategy that Highlights Your Corporate Identity

The market place is a competitive battle zone where struggle to survive is a mundane practice. With more than 7 million new businesses established in 2011, it is no doubt that the competition is growing more fierce than ever. Staying in business then becomes an ongoing battle. To survive, business owners are seeking to establish a strong corporate identity that will send a unique message into the market.

The Importance of Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is the overall image a company or business has in the market place. In that, we are talking about all kinds of characteristics—ranging from goods and services to the company’s reputation—that are associated to a particular business. The formation of corporate identity is the combined effect of how a company presents itself to the public and how the public remembers the company. 

Corporate identity is important to a business’ success. A business that communicates a strong corporate identity can distinguish itself from its competitors once the public confirms that identity through positive reviews, endorsement, and so forth. As a result, it is no surprise that businesses from all industries are not only competing to provide exceptional goods and services to customers, but also working diligently to establish a unique corporate brand that will improve consumer memory and recognition of the company.

The Effect of Corporate Branding on Corporate Identity

Corporate branding is a business marketing strategy that seeks to connect the name of the company to a certain product through logo, tagline or catchphrase, graphics, and other elements. The goal of corporate branding is to help the business to establish a powerful corporate identity and become a dominant figure within its target market.

Because the brand of a company serves the purposes of (1) familiarizing customers with the company’s product and (2) creating brand royalty, corporate branding should not be lightly taken. As Brandchannel.com suggests, your brand has a better chance to connect with your consumers if you can tell a strong brand story that clearly and consistently communicates your company’s vision, mission, and products/services.

The Role of Branding Agencies

The importance of corporate branding and its significant effect on corporate identity makes branding a serious task. The amount of considerations that go into a brand can be surprisingly long and complicated. This is why more businesses are now looking to branding agencies to help them discover, articulate, and paint a vivid picture of what they would like to communicate in their brand. As Entrepreneur.com concurs, hire a brand agency. “It’s better to get it right from the start…if your brand isn’t cohesive with your core values, your clients won’t trust you.”


The way you brand makes a difference in how your message is received and remembered by the public. A weak brand is but a whisper in the noisy market. A strong brand, on the other hand, makes a recognizable and pronounced statement of the company. It is unique and attracts attention, people, and sales.


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