08 May 2014
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Communicating with Prospective Customers = Good. Ignoring Your Current Customers = Bad

Communicating with Prospective Customers = Good
Ignoring Your Current Customers = Bad

As a business owner, you likely spend a great deal of time and effort figuring out ways to obtain new clients. In fact, you might spend most of your advertising, digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) budget on methods known to attract new customers to your business. If you’re spending most of your marketing budget on attempting to acquire new customers, that means you are spending very little on ensuring you retain existing or past clients. If you stop and think about it, you may be devoting a huge amount of time and effort into obtaining new clients – but in reality, it’s your existing or past clients who are the most likely to return and purchase additional goods or services from you. So, why are you ignoring them?

Keep communicating with existing and past clients in addition to working to obtain new clients. Communication is good. Digital marketing is good. SEO is good. All of your customers (current, past and future) want to stay in-the-know about events, sales, and new products – as long as the news pertains to them and they have an interest in it. The type of digital communication you have with existing and past clients might differ slightly from the way you communicate with prospects – but remember to keep in touch with everyone on a regular basis.

Once customers purchase something from you, it’s not ok to ignore them. Just because clients purchase goods and/or services from you once does not mean they will have unconditional loyalty to your brand or business. It’s much easier to sell a current (satisfied) customer additional products or services than it is to convince a prospective customer to purchase something from you for the first time. Therefore, it is imperative to periodically check in with your existing and past clients to see how they’re doing. Using targeted digital marketing tactics works well for this type of communication.

Current customers are one of your best resources. You may have a multi-million dollar digital advertising and marketing budget, or you may have a $500 advertising and marketing budget. The size of your budget is irrelevant when it comes to word-of-mouth promotion. When one of your current customers is happy and tells another party to purchase a good or service from you, and when that party follows the recommendation, you will obtain a new customer without spending any money on advertising, marketing or SEO. Word-of-mouth promotion is FREE. Happy customers will promote your business… so make sure to stay in touch and keep them enthusiastic about you!

Remember that your customers are humans. Even if you own a business that sells only to other businesses, remember that those other businesses are run by people. People make purchasing decisions based on 1) the reliability and quality of the goods or services your business provides, and 2) the level of customer service offered by your business. If people are treated well, they are apt to remain loyal customers


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