Are really legal research chemicals?

The ethylphenidate is very similar to ketamine compound, but still legal. It causes similar effects, but with a lower dose. It was bought from the website, a young Barcelona ingested several times the recommended dose ethylphenidate consumption.

This substance falls within what is known as new drugs. It is developed in laboratory to mimic the effects of traditional drugs chemicals. They are very dangerous because substances like ecstasy, for example, have been legal ever and have therefore had to undergo testing in animals and humans. These new drugs do not know what effect or how to react to them

From the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction EU dependent, “warn of the limited information they have on this tide of new compounds; a phenomenon that are unable to cover at this time” and you can  buy research chemicals online FOR SALE.

The peculiarity of these new drugs is that when one is audited, that is outlawed, appearing on the market several similar compounds under another name. This new substance, sometimes only slightly retouched with a different molecule enters a temporary limbo of lawlessness and the process begins again.

These new substances can buy it to get them on UK, USA and EU, using your credit card or bitcoin system to purchase and they are basically divided into two by way of retail.

The Legal Highs, or designer drugs are characterized by having an attractive name and packaging, besides appearing as legal alternative to traditional drugs. QRs, or Research Chemicals, are, in terms of product, the same, but are presented in zip bags with a unique reference to its content: chemical composition.

This distinction means that it can differentiate consumers: legal highs are more sporadic and cut part of an inexperienced or unaware public about drugs; RCs are generally those of persons with experimenting with drugs for years and do so with a thorough knowledge of them.

The legal highs are covering the principle behind bath salts or gardening products, even being noticed that they were not fit for human consumption; but then they specified that, in doing so, should be 18 years. One of the clearest examples is MDPV, also known as drug cannibal. It was camouflaged at first as a product for the bathroom, but now sold as legal high under the trade name Ivory Wave. The MDPV has caused, you know, 99 deaths and 100 nonfatal poisonings in Europe.

Now, sellers of these substances have decided that they have nothing to fear from the authorities and advertise their actual merchandise without any complex. In some web, for example, offer products such as “Coca liquid” or “Liquid LSD” as curious descriptions and direct. These online stores can not be closed because they sell is not illegal.

In the case of Research Chemicals, sale often occur directly from laboratories. It is also done through web pages, but in this case the presentation is much more discreet. The only thing that appears to illustrate is the image of the chemical and its name is its formulation. New drugs are traditionally cooked in Chinese laboratories but are also proliferating lately in Eastern Europe. Moreover, it is sold on the websites as a great advantage that, not being illegal, you can’t be stopped if you have on your possession some bath salts for sale.

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