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Things You Can Do to Update and Revitalize Your Blog

Blogs come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have a common purpose: to engage your reader and provide them with something of value. But there is one problem that many blogs fall victim to. Sometimes blogs become stale, inefficient, and unattractive. To combat these problems, there are several things you can do to revitalize your blog and increase engagement with your audience. To boost your online marketing strategy, keep the following quick and easy tips in mind.

Show Your Audience Who You Are

To make your content more impactful, you should have a picture of yourself somewhere on your website. This will make your messages feel more personal and lets your audience associate a face with your message. Instead of shrouding yourself in Internet anonymity, include a personal and high quality picture of yourself to improve your Internet marketing and digital branding.

Keep Things Simple

Sometimes web designers and bloggers incorporate too many elements in their website. The net effect is that their website becomes cluttered and hard to navigate. Though widgets and other plugins offer many valuable services, too much of a good thing will make your website look messy and can even harm metrics such as page load times. Page load times are critical to any digital marketing strategy, and you need to keep your widgets and plugins in check.

Check Your Comments Regularly

Even if your website isn’t getting hundreds of comments per day, it can be hard keeping up with them. Commenting options are a great way to improve your online marketing strategy by creating direct dialogs with your audience. However, you need to spend time each week checking, deleting, and interacting with comments on your blog.

Add On-Site Links

You will also want to read through your existing content to look for opportunities for additional on-site links. Links to other pages will help your online marketing strategy by increasing the amount of time users spend on your website. In addition, they help older posts become more accessible to your readers.

Rebrand Past Posts with Rock Star Titles

The title of your posts are perhaps the most important component of all of your writing. Why? Because in a split second a title can either attract or repel vast amounts of readers. In fact, most readers that are skimming the web will make an instant judgement about your post. Sometimes this snap decision is made in a split second, and you need to create titles that grab the attention of your readers.

Include Calls to Action in Your Past Posts

If you haven’t been using a call to action in your blog posts, you may want to reconsider your online marketing strategy. A call to action is essential to persuading your audience to purchase your products or services. Even if you create the best content on Internet, you will still be missing out on boatloads of revenue if you don’t include a call to action in select locations on your website.

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