In our offices, creativity is crafted, and ideas come to life. We are a team of artists, coders, thinkers, designers and developers crafting the digital marketing experience. Our team is passionate about creating stunning online experiences, graphics and brands. We even make a few new friends along the way.


We strive to create meaningful connections for users through considered strategy and innovation in the digital space. Above all, we believe in beautiful design, attention to detail, interaction, experimentation, collaboration and exploration. We deliver intelligent products, engaging experiences and exceptional outcomes for incredible clients all over the world.


Our creative ideas turn into tangible results, which lead to additional revenue and increased brand engagement, supported by a clean, polished and professional image. As your business grows, so will your marketing needs and strategies. We will be here every step of the way.


We enjoy working with organizations big, small and everything in between. We have a team of designers, developers, programmers, and advertising specialists that are passionate about what they do. So naturally, we decided to create this marketing team of superheroes that functions as a plug and play marketing team for YOUR business. We are a marketing team that grows with you and your business.

Our strategies are outside of the box and our approach is different than any other shop out there. That is what makes us unique.  Your superior product or service paired with a marketing team like ours will be a serious force to be reckoned with.

It’s time you worked with a team like ours.

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"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


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Center Mass Media is a digital marketing agency with extensive experience developing marketing strategies and applying marketing techniques that provide value and positive results for our clients. We are a marketing management team dedicated to our clients' success.

Social Media

Social Media

The importance of an effective social media campaign for the success of a business is cannot be overestimated. Social media is an incredibly influential marketing tool, and it is here to stay for the long haul. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ collectively encompass hundreds of millions of users around the world, many of whom are actively engaged in these venues every single day.

Web Design

Web Design

At Center Mass Media, we understand the importance of website design & development. But we also recognize that more is involved with website design & development than simply throwing together a nice looking site. The design & development process does not happen overnight because before we begin the process, we first spend time exploring and learning about your business and thoroughly understanding your target audience and your sales strategy.



Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are terms that are often used interchangeably but in actuality are not exactly the same thing. SEM is a broad process that involves using various tools and strategies to market websites via search engines. The overall goal of SEM is to raise a website's rankings on search engines. SEO is more specific. It involves using specific tactics to optimize each specific page on a website.



"Content is King!" This expression is probably overused in the world of digital marketing. But it's overused for a reason. Because it's true. Comprehensive and high-level content causes a website to be regarded as the authority in its specific industry. In addition, excellent content is key to an overall search engine marketing (SEM) strategy. The days are long gone of "keyword stuffing" and unnecessary and excessive website pages that provide absolutely no benefit to a site's visitors. In fact, these tactics can actually cause a website's search engine rankings to plummet.



We are experts at logo design & branding. And we make sure all of our clients understand that the development of a logo is not the same thing as "branding." A professionally developed logo that truly portrays the purpose of a business is essential, but it's only one piece of your branding strategy. Your logo is incredibly important because it's the specific symbol the public recognizes and associates with your brand.

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Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague

Landing pages are an extremely crucial component of any website and just a few split seconds can entice or repel potential clients. As such, you need to make sure that you do everything in your power to create a landing page that piques the curiosity and grabs the attention of your audience. If your landing page isn’t properly designed and optimized, how much money are you leaving on the table? How many customers are you losing? Even simple things have a big impact and can make or break your online marketing efforts. A solid online marketing strategy to optimize your landing pages can help you convert more visitors to your site. Keep the following in mind when you create your landing pages.

  1. Don’t Use a Submit Button

As simple as it may sound, calling your audience to action with a ‘submit’ button has been shown to produce less than optimal results. Call to action copy is extremely powerful, and something as simple as the word you write on your button can have a powerful influence on your customers. But why is ‘submit’ a bad option? In short, it doesn’t quantify or qualify the benefits that your customers will get from your product. For example, to evoke a stronger response by providing benefits, your button could contain the text ‘double your clients now’ or ‘boost online marketing’ to help your visitors feel like they are moving closer towards their goals.

  1. Features vs Benefits

You should also make sure you spell everything out in terms of how your products or services help your customers. It sounds pretty simple, but too many landing pages list the features of their products instead of the benefits of their products. The customer couldn’t care less about the features of your products. They want to know what’s in it for them. How does your product or service improve their lives? Remember, Internet marketing revolves around solving the problems of your visitors.

  1. Keep Your Forms Short and Sweet

One of the biggest turnoffs that will send potential customers fleeing in droves is overly long web forms. Today people have access to goods and services faster than ever before, and this has led to people wanting service as fast as possible. Customers want solutions to their problems, and they want them now! A tediously long web form could irritate your customers and cause them to go to one of your competitors.

  1. Don’t Be Self-Centered

It can’t be said enough: your landing page needs to cater to the needs and desires of your customers. Make sure you don’t fall victim to the trap of talking about yourself or your business too much on your landing pages unless it provides value to your audience or helps to establish a unique selling proposition. Quite simply, a visitor to your site may not care about the history of your company or how your service offerings came to be. Instead, they are much more concerned with what you can do for them! This point is central to most online marketing efforts, and you should incorporate this philosophy into your landing pages.

Avoiding these four colossal mistakes will help you optimize your conversion ratio and increase profits. If you fail to avoid these pitfalls, however, you are likely leaving a lot of money on the table!


The Biggest SEO Myths Debunked

For those of us that don’t have a background in Internet marketing, SEO companies can at times seem to practice some form of digital marketing voodoo magic. Because there is a knowledge gap between most business owners and their SEO Internet marketing professionals, many people have frequently fallen victim to misinformation and myths.

SEO Is Dead…Again!

This one seems to resurface with every minute change to the Google algorithm. No folks, SEO is not dead. It has only changed and evolved. It is true, however, that some of the older SEO techniques and practices are no longer viable due to Google updates. This is especially true of back-link spamming via content mills, article spinning software, and spamming keywords.

Google put an end to these practices for good reason. They ended up creating websites that were absolutely terrible. In order to improve their users’ experience and clean up the Internet, they simply made it tougher to rank high in the SERPs. In fact, you need an SEO professional more now today than ever before.

Content Marketing is the New SEO

No, content marketing has not replaced SEO. Though content marketing has been around for a long time, SEO is still a viable and necessary tool to succeed online. Instead of thinking of the two as mutually exclusive, you should realize that SEO needs to be part of your content marketing strategy. They are two sides to the same coin, and neither can be ignored if you want to succeed.

Social Media Signals Boost Rankings

There seems to be a lot of misinformation about this on blogs and forums. While social media followings are a great way to strengthen your leverage online, social media will not boost your visibility in the search engines. For example, the more ‘likes’ you get on your Facebook page won’t help your website climb higher in the SERPs.

One-off SEO

Furthermore, some people erroneously believe that once their site has been optimized or has reached the first page of Google for select keywords that they can stop marketing. This couldn’t be further from the truth! If you ditch your SEO professional after gaining relevant rankings, you won’t keep them too long. There are always changes to the Google algorithm that need to be dealt with accordingly and your competition is always looking for a way to overtake you. SEO is a full-time engagement, and there is no such thing as ‘one-and-done SEO.’

Ranking for the Magic Keyword Overnight

Too many times people do a small amount of keyword research and see a top term that is related to their industry getting thousands upon thousands of organic hits per month. It is only natural, of course, that they want to rank for this keyword. However, this may not be the best strategy for your SEO campaign. Keywords like these are often very hard to rank for, and you could be missing out on traffic from other sources such as long-tail keywords, too. Listen to your SEO professional and understand that you can’t always rank for the top keywords in the blink of an eye. Some authority sites have put up entry barriers to ranking for top industry terms, and though it is entirely possible to overtake their rankings, it can take a while.

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Always Remember that Your Customers are Human!

Humans are complicated creatures. But in the world of business, there’s one general thing that’s obvious about humans: they like to purchase products and services from companies that they like and respect. Or, from companies to which they have some sort of emotional connection.

An interesting article appeared on Entrepreneur.com a few months ago titled Make a New Year’s Resolution to Humanize Your Marketing for 2015. The article, which was published in December of 2014, focuses on methods that companies can use to humanize their communication strategies.

Some of the most important factors discussed in the article include:

Balance and Quality: Make sure that the content that you publish on your website and promote via social media is meaningful to your target market.

Don’t Automate Everything: When you take the easy route and automate all of your messages, your customers will notice – and they will eventually begin to ignore you.

Be Honest With Your Intentions: Never try to cover up mistakes or oversights – and keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis.

One of the most important statements made in the Entrepreneur.com article is related to the importance of humanizing messaging in marketing strategies because customers appreciate it and it allows for differentiation among competitors.

As a digital marketing agency, it is our job to provide guidance and assistance to our clients in regard to building their brand and developing an effective digital marketing strategy. We understand the importance of humanizing communication with customers, and we recommend that our clients focus on highly useful and worthwhile communication tactics.

How to “Talk Human” to Customers
Another article that provides several useful tips on how to effectively talk with customers is published on the website PamMarketingNut.com and titled  Talk Human to Me: 20 Tips to Humanize Your Brand. Some of the tips included in the article are:

  • Think like a human, and focus on relationships
  • Have a personality
  • Speak in your customer’s language

Useful Content = Trust
When it comes to developing useful content for clients, we encourage clients to present compelling content on their website and through social media venues. This means featuring content that  answers customers’ questions, addresses concerns, and promotes thought leadership. In other words, making contact with current and prospective customers just for the sake of making contact is not as beneficial as making contact with the purpose of providing information that is useful. For the most part, we believe that humans absolutely like to connect with other humans, as well as with companies that seem to be run by humans instead of robots or automated systems.

When evaluating internet marketing agencies for the purpose of hiring one to assist your company with a digital marketing campaign, it’s important to evaluate whether the agency agrees with the abovementioned philosophy. Portraying a “human” image through effective communication strategies is incredibly important today – and it will most likely continue to grow in importance in the future.

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